Heavy Load: ASHER Rex

There are a lot of things I love about getting inquiries for commissions. One of my favorite things is getting to talk to full grown adults about nonsense like pigs riding motorcycles, Lew Zealand, Acme Anvils, and elephants playing tennis, etc. etc. So it pleases me that my most recent post is no different. 

I received an email a few weeks ago from a very cool Uncle of a one year old. Let's call that uncle "Joe " Joe's request? A surfing dinosaur. You see, this one year old's dad is a surfer, and so a surfing dinosaur was (obviously) in order. And (little known fact) the tyrannosaurus rex happens to be an incredibly skilled surfer, so that kinda narrowed things down a bit. Joe sent me some photos of the room where this would hang and we discussed the best approach re: colors, ID'ing the dino and all that jazz. So long story short, here he is: