House Guest - France

My first foray into this style of architectural portraiture. (2 words, 8 syllables.) This piece was commissioned by a friend who plans to give it to the owners of the home as a thank you gift for hosting her over the holidays. 12x18. Ink. Lots of tiles. Lots of vines. Lots of time. 

This One Takes The Cake

I was super excited when Gala first asked me to draw the invitation backdrop for son's birthday. The theme for the party would be "Party Animals" and what she wanted was a busy scene with a bunch of animals just going freaking bananas. I was happy to oblige. And Sam the Man was happy to absolutely destroy his adorable little Fruit Loop cake and smash it into the rug.

Happy Birthday, Samuel!


NOLA: Two Days in 1.5 Minutes

I've not yet been to New Orleans. Currently, I'm studying the buildings, summarized below. The video is a time lapse capture of the entire process, recorded over two days of work. The music is none other than Arlo Guthrie performing Steve Goodman's City of New Orleans

If you've got a project in mind for yourself or as a gift for someone else, send me an email and let me know what you're thinking. I'm fully booked up for commissions through Christmas, but we can start talking about a project for 2017 whenever you're ready.