This One Takes The Cake

I was super excited when Gala first asked me to draw the invitation backdrop for son's birthday. The theme for the party would be "Party Animals" and what she wanted was a busy scene with a bunch of animals just going freaking bananas. I was happy to oblige. And Sam the Man was happy to absolutely destroy his adorable little Fruit Loop cake and smash it into the rug.

Happy Birthday, Samuel!


Heavy Load: ASHER Rex

There are a lot of things I love about getting inquiries for commissions. One of my favorite things is getting to talk to full grown adults about nonsense like pigs riding motorcycles, Lew Zealand, Acme Anvils, and elephants playing tennis, etc. etc. So it pleases me that my most recent post is no different. 

I received an email a few weeks ago from a very cool Uncle of a one year old. Let's call that uncle "Joe " Joe's request? A surfing dinosaur. You see, this one year old's dad is a surfer, and so a surfing dinosaur was (obviously) in order. And (little known fact) the tyrannosaurus rex happens to be an incredibly skilled surfer, so that kinda narrowed things down a bit. Joe sent me some photos of the room where this would hang and we discussed the best approach re: colors, ID'ing the dino and all that jazz. So long story short, here he is:


New Jersey is for Lovers: For Jessica & Mark

Jessica and Mark got married at Liberty State Park in New Jersey this past September. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony, celebrated against a New York City skyline backdrop. (Sure, I may have taken some liberties with the skyline, but that's what art is for. M'I right? Yeah.) 

Mark emailed me a few weeks ago and told me that Jess's birthday was quickly approaching and he wanted to do something unique for her. "I don't want to just buy her something that she could buy herself," he told me. "Let's do an animal wedding. She'll love it. She loves leopard print, so make her a leopard. Make the rest of us whatever you want. And make sure to include my nieces and nephews (ring bearers and flower girl). Can't wait, bro!"

And so it went. Mark sent me loads of photos and we texted back and forth with ideas and how to best lay out the scene. Mark was awesome to work with because of his excitement every step of the way. And it's always incredibly flattering to be asked to do projects like this. Thanks Mark!

If you've got a project in mind, let me know. I'm fully booked up for Christmas deadlines, but am always happy to start planning for something in 2017!


New Orleans: A Room With A View

J & R were recently at a wedding in New Orleans. As artists themselves, they loved the energy, the architecture, the balconies, and the streets. So many textures and lines. So much character. And they wanted to incorporate that into a gift for their newlywed friends. 

We sorted through photos, brainstormed on different ideas and finally decided on just the right scene.  I ended up going through several drafts before I arrived at our finished product. This video shows the entire process from start to finish. I ultimately ended up doing another draft that I preferred, but the process was identical. 

J & R, I hope your friends love it and that it hangs in their house as a reminder of one of the most important times in their lives. Thanks for trusting me with such an important gift!


NOLA: Two Days in 1.5 Minutes

I've not yet been to New Orleans. Currently, I'm studying the buildings, summarized below. The video is a time lapse capture of the entire process, recorded over two days of work. The music is none other than Arlo Guthrie performing Steve Goodman's City of New Orleans

If you've got a project in mind for yourself or as a gift for someone else, send me an email and let me know what you're thinking. I'm fully booked up for commissions through Christmas, but we can start talking about a project for 2017 whenever you're ready.